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Concurrence with the Policy Statement of The Shooters Party (State Divisions)


This Policy Statement of the Shooters and Fishers Party (S&F), formerly the Australian Shooters Party, shall conform with each Policy contained in the Policy Statement of The Shooters Party. Where any conflict occurs, the Policy of The Shooters Party shall prevail. The Policy Statement of The Shooters Party is attached as Appendix 1.

S&F 1.0. Firearms Legislation

S&F asserts that firearms ownership and use legislation should remain the jurisdiction of the individual State or Territory, and that licences and permits issued in one State should be recognised in all States and Territories.

S&F strongly opposes any attempt to transfer any responsibility for licensing of individuals, or registration or use of firearms, from State or Territory legislatures to the Commonwealth.

S&F does support common technology platforms across the States and Territories with regard to Firearms Registry inter-communication.

S&F strongly opposes any attempt by the Commonwealth Government to circumvent the various State and Territory firearms laws, through the use of customs restrictions, Australia Post restrictions, taxation or levy; or by any other means.

S&F 2.0 International Treaties

S&F asserts that the Commonwealth Government will not enter into any International agreements, treaties, protocols, or other binding instrument, unless such agreement is previously approved by the Parliament. Specifically, S&F opposes any attempt for Australia to create a Coral Sea Marine Protected Area within Australia’s Economic Zone.

Where the Commonwealth Government has properly entered into an International Agreement, then the Commonwealth Government will abide by the whole of the agreement, unless said agreement is amended by the Commonwealth Parliament (eg. CITES agreements/classifications).

S&F 3.0 States Rights

S&F opposes any transfer of State Legislation to the Commonwealth without a mandate, achieved by Referendum.

S&F supports the amendment of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to remove the right for Third Parties to take Court action. Further, the Act is to be amended so as to exclude the Commonwealth veto on State infrastructure projects such as water or power utilities projects.

S&F requires the Commonwealth to fairly compensate citizens where any State or Territory has compulsorily acquired a citizens property as a result of an obligation under a Commonwealth Treaty , Covenant, or Protocol (eg. The Kyoto Agreement). The same principal shall apply where a citizens property use has been alienated or reduced (eg. under State Native Vegetation legislation, or loss of water entitlements).

S&F 4.0 Obligations of Senators

S&F asserts that Senators elected to the (Federal) Senate must at all times act to protect the interests of the State in which they were elected.

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