Gun rights: Australia’s fight

Posted on 22 January 2013 by Robert Borsak

American shooters are right to think Obama has to be fought at all costs. He has nothing good in mind for gun owners, hunters and shooters.

The assertion that Australian gun laws have ‘saved’ 200 lives a year is just balderdash. This is demonstrated conclusively in the latest research by WiSH as well as some of its other published and peer reviewed work, plus in another study by the University of Melbourne.

It’s another entirely different question as to whether these laws have avoided further massacres of the like we have seen recently in the US. I think not. However, the problem is a lot more complex than populist politicians like Obama and Howard are prepared to admit. Easier to go with the media flow, criminalise law-abiding firearm owners and set them up for decades of persecution and ‘fall guy’ status for every time a real criminal or isolated, drug-addled lunatic does something with any gun. The recent rubbish from Philip Alpers supports this position.

John Howard's gun laws were set up to begin the eventual confiscation of all firearms in Australia. National and state bureaucrats are working on this, slowly, as political opportunity allows. Howard proved it with his second ‘steal back’ of large-calibre pistols. Now we are seeing the enactment of rubbish laws in the NSW Ammunition Control Bill, relating to reporting of ammo purchases – all designed to actuate detailed controls and bans.

The National Firearms Agreement needs to be removed and replaced with gun, hunting and fishing rights as part of a national agreement. A Constitutional amendment needs to be floated that guarantees the right to hunt (with firearms etc) and fish, on social, conservation and cultural grounds.

It may not be a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms in Australia, but it is our Constitutional and democratic right to fight bad law and prevent it from getting worse.

The loss of the right to shoot, hunt and fish will reduce Australia to a less fair society, with fewer freedoms, overseen by an overly powerful and unaccountable police presence. We’ll be dominated by the 24-hour news cycle, disgustingly violent video games, computer simulations and ‘acceptable entertainment’ like the hyper-violent trash pumped out of Hollywood by the likes of Quentin Tarantino.

We need to fight for our ‘rights’. We have that right.


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