Greens and selective vilification

Posted on 4 March 2013 by Content Manager

I have been absolutely gobsmacked by the intolerance demonstrated by the Greens during recent months, as their campaign against hunting in national parks gathers momentum. I honestly wouldn’t have thought there was much they could do to surprise me…and then Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young began to plumb new depths of Green hypocrisy, forcing me to recalibrate my Greens BS detectors.

Friends keep sending me invitations to sign the latest example of Greens hypocrisy in the form of the “Petition to condemn the Coalition’s fear mongering”, which can be seen here.

Note the activities of the Coalition, which Sen. Hanson-Young objects to and considers worthy of censure. She considers the Coalition’s statements to be a form of vilification “designed to raise fear and distrust” in the Australian community. Hanson-Young’s petition then goes on to say, "We call on the Parliament to reject the vilification of refugees and asylum seekers. This type of fear mongering by the Coalition has no place in modern Australia and must be rejected."

Well, let’s do a bit of a comparison with recent Greens’ intolerance and fear mongering, shall we?

In recent months the Greens have routinely referred to hunters as:

thrill killers - rednecks - rambos - drunken cowboys - weekend warriors - weekend cowboys - men eager to play at Dodge City style shootouts - irresponsible men who like to dress up like Davey Crocket while they shoot up the bush.

The Greens have openly ridiculed suggestions that hunting holds profound cultural and spiritual significance to many who identify hunting as part of their culture. In so doing they have demonstrated that they consider themselves the arbiters of what is, and is not, a legitimate culture.

The Greens have suggested that the activities of conservation hunters will result in the maiming of countless numbers of helpless native animals, despite the fact that all conservation hunters know that natives are off limits.

The Greens have suggested that by taking non-native species hunters will poison water supplies.

The Greens have endorsed a campaign that uses the image of a hunter kneeling in the middle of a dirt road in a national park, while aiming his riffle directly in line with a young family as if the hunter is completely unconcerned by the risk such dangerous and irresponsible behaviour represents.

The Greens have done all these things, and more, using social media, media releases, radio and television interviews, newspapers, Twitter and the indemnity afforded them under Parliamentary Privilege.

If this is not evidence of a concerted Greens campaign aimed at vilifying hunters for their cultural practices and beliefs, that is “designed to raise fear and distrust” in the Australian community, I don’t know what is.

There’s a thought:

Petition to condemn The Greens’ fear mongering. "We call on the Parliament to reject the vilification of hunters, their culture and traditions. This type of fear mongering by the Greens has no place in modern Australia and must be rejected."

- Garry Mallard 


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