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Posted on 31 January 2013 by Robert Borsak

Hunters, shooters and their industry must boycott all Fairfax Media publications, and refuse to purchase products from Fairfax advertisers, after the media group reached an intolerable level of anti-hunting bias.

“Do not buy any Fairfax national or local papers, do not visit their websites and tell their advertisers about this boycott,” Shooters and Fishers Party MLC Robert Borsak said. “No one in the hunting and shooting industry should be placing ads in any of their publications.

“We have to tell Fairfax that their bias is totally unacceptable. They consider themselves a professional media outlet but that’s very hard to believe after what we’ve read recently as well as over a number of years.”

Fairfax journalist Heath Aston published unfounded accusations against a NSW Game Council employee who was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing at all. Where did Aston get his information? We believe it was from sources who actively oppose hunting and are attempting to run a smear campaign. The incident is still under police investigation.

No media outlet should fall for that, but Aston revealed he may be closer to the campaign than an objective journalist ever should be, when he tweeted he’d taken Game Council “scalps”.

“This is as low as it can get, but that’s what I thought last year when the Sydney Morning Herald was implying that I was under investigation, which I wasn’t; that I may go to gaol and I would be thrown out of Parliament,” Mr Borsak said.

“Let’s face it, SMH and Fairfax hate hunters and shooters and want us gone for the sake of their Greens mates. It’s all about propaganda.

“Just when the SMH needs to go upmarket and establish integrity, they are going tabloid and Fleet Street. What next? Phone tapping?”

Mr Borsak urged hunters and shooters to use social media to voice their anger towards Fairfax and call for a boycott.

“SMH’s Facebook page has already been inundated with comments from angry hunters, and Heath Aston has felt the heat on Twitter,” he said.

“If Fairfax feels even one dollar of lost revenue we’ll know we’ve had an effect."


A series of biased articles

The following headlines give an insight into the tone of Fairfax reports over time. There has been a repeated and nearly constant anti-hunting, anti-shooting bias in the majority of Fairfax stories.

Bill for goat shooting could fall on taxpayers

Game boss suspended over illegal hunt claim

Fears drunk hunters will roam parks

Hunt fury may trigger park disruptions

Hunting in national parks may increase feral animals

Park visitors could be in line of fire

Gun lobby on target again as law softened

'Not on our watch': shooters' lobby frustrates tighter controls on guns

Shooters to escape park rangers' sights

O'Farrell rewards Shooter MP with $25,000 pay rise

Shooters MP could lose gun licence after death threat

O'Farrell under fire as gun lobby grows

Police to investigate Borsak for perjury

Shooters Party MP faces potential jail term

$342 a day for shooter on Game Council

Shooters Party calls shots on how parks will handle hunting


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