S&F Achievements

  • The introduction of a new management plan for a NSW Marine Estate

  • The Game Council of NSW now has access to over 4 million acres across the State

  • Introduced legislation to make "Try Shooting" easier for everyone

  • Changed the rules regarding purchase of a second firearm

  • Shooting clubs have received $6.5 million under the MACOSC Grants Scheme

  • Introduced a moratorium on the creation and expansion of Marine Parks until an independent scientific review is completed

  • We will negotiate further amendments to the Firearms Act to remove unnecessary red tape

  • Expand the successful Game Council Feral Animal Control Program to National Parks

  • Raised the public and political profile for shooting sports and recognition for the rights of responsible firearms owners

  • Introduced the Game And Feral Animal Control Act which has opened up 4 million acres of State Forests to hunters via the NSW Game Council

  • Introduced over 40 positive firearms legislation changes including removal of some waiting periods and easier access for newcomers to try shooting

  • Set up and chaired the largest public inquiry in NSW into recreational fishing and marine parks: The Select Committee on Recreational Fishing

  • Negotiated over $10 million Government funding to develop shooting sports in NSW

  • The new Hilltop Range, south of Sydney, is now a reality

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